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What it comes with: 

  • Email list building and templates

  • Up to 5 Automated emails (policies, aftercare, feedback, testimonials, etc.)

  • Booking system set up to suit your needs

  • Portfolio

  • About

  • Contact

  • FAQ + Policies

  • Shop



Booking Form



  • G Suite

    • Unique email inbox connected to your domain 

    • Tagging system to keep your inbox organized

  • Centralization of all services

    • Consultation on how to streamline all of the programs necessary to run your business 

  • How to videos on how to manage everything 

    • How to update your policies/store

Custom tailored
to your needs

Calling all creative service business owners!


We know what you need: less time at your computer, and more time doing what you love! getting away from DMs, more clarity around your policies, payments or deposits made easily and on time and generally just more automation in how you book your clients and prepare for them.


We're all about making the client journey as intuitive as possible for folks using your services, while making sure everything is streamlined and efficient for you on the back end. It's so important not only to get clients booked in smoothly, but also to make sure their experience is amazing, and that their payment and feedback process goes flawlessly. 


The other thing? You want to make sure their expectations are set before booking, and through out their journey leading up to their appointment with you. We can consult you on this process, and ensure the right information is presented at the right communication point with your client. You really don't have to remember to tell each client for each booking! 


With online bookings and automations becoming increasingly more popular in most industries, there's no reason to be held up with emails and phone calls. And you definitely don’t want to rely on Instagram for this (don't get us started on how big of a pain and dangerous this can be for your business!)!


What you get from a streamlined system:

  • Less last minute cancellations

  • Easier to manage bookings

  • Less emails, less plugged up inbox

  • Less questions from potential clients before they book

  • Less (or no) miscommunications about your policies

  • More time for actual billable hours, or time away from work!

What your clients get from your new system:

  • A complete understanding of what to expect from your services

  • Knowledge about your policies before hand

  • An easy way to book without having to pick up the phone

  • An easy way to cancel without having to pick up the phone

  • Reminders so they don't forget about their appointment

  • An amazing experience and aftercare

  • Such a smooth experience, they'll be raving about you!


Great for:

  • Tattoo artists

  • Aestheticians

  • Hair dressers

  • Make up artists

  • Lash technicians

  • Brow technicians

  • Nail technicians

  • Almost any service based business


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