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You know when you’re just confused? And you don’t know where to start with that project or idea? We can help.


You know when you’re feeling stuck? Like you just don’t know how to make things improve, but you know you need to improve things? We can help.


You know when you feel out of the loop? Maybe as if you’re missing out on something that will really help you and your business succeed? We can help.


You know when you’re bored with how things are looking and feeling? And you know your brand could be so much more? We can help.


You know when you have so many ideas? But you just can’t figure out how to organize it into actionable steps? We can help.


You know when you feel like nobody sees you? Like you’re struggling to get your piece out into the world? We can help.


We are a full service club. We understand the small business community and its struggles are REAL. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We believe that businesses can be their best selves and don’t have to sacrifice their values for success. Whether you’re starting from the beginning, or you have an existing business in need of a boost, the Bread & Butter Club can help.


Brand Strategy

Let's make a whole strategy to build (or rebuild) the foundation of your small business.

Website audits

Let's take a look at what is and isn't working when it comes to your website.

Marketing Strategy

Let's make a plan to connect and build trust with your small business's audience.

Social & Search Ads

From pay-per-click to SEO, let's talk about how to improve your digital marketing.

Websites & eCommerce

From design to development, let's build your small business a home on the internet.

Power Hours

Let's get together for an hour to go over your business's marketing and  discuss your roadblocks.

Graphic Design

Let's make a design solution for your print or digital needs. From websites to postcards.

Traditional Marketing

Looking for ways to connect outside of the digital world? Let's talk about how to get you into the physical world.


The package made just for tattoo artists, hair dressers, nail technicians, and other creative small business owners!


Let's start with a quick 20-30 minute call to discuss where you're at, what your goals are, and how you think we could help you achieve them! We can then see if we're the right fit to get your small business marketing to where you want it to be.

We have an FAQ that you're welcome to look through. It's questions we often get when small business owners are looking to find the right service provider to help them with their marketing!

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