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What is a Marketing Strategy?

At the Club, a Marketing Strategy is a document to follow as a road map for all your marketing activities. We love to work with our clients on their marketing strategies - building them out, consulting on them, and/or executing them!

A marketing strategy can be thought of like building a green house or garden. If the plants and their growth are the business, the environment, conditions and time taken to tend to them are the marketing activities. We need to research how to care best for the plants, as well as know what soil, fertilizers, and pest control are needed specific to the plants being grown. Knowing all of this in advance, like creating a marketing strategy for your business, will help the plants grow to be the strongest they can be. Trying to figure out what fertilizer is needed after the plant isn't doing well, or what pest control option to use after the infestation, can lead to long term damage to the plants.

Different marketing activities could be social media, paid search ads, email newsletters, blog or website content, print media, and more. In a thorough marketing strategy document, a business' industry landscape and competition, target audience and market, as well as their strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats should also be laid out as a foundation.

When I create a marketing strategy for my clients, it's specific to their needs and industry. Looking to work with me on your small business marketing strategy? Book a call with me! 


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