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Branding for small businesses

If you're starting a business or need to revamp your existing one, let's get your identity built to connect with your dream audience. But let's also make it fun!

Your branding is your foundation

The first thing your audience will notice about your business is your branding. it is the foundation of all your marketing efforts, and defines who you are as a business. A strong brand strategy will help you gain trust, build stronger relationships, and make more sales.

What is a "brand strategy"?

It's more than just a logo, it's done with a holistic approach to creating an identity to build rapport with its target audience. Your brand identity is used in every aspect of your business. It's important to start here with your marketing efforts.

Brand audits

Though we can create fully customized brand strategies, sometimes you just want to do it yourself. But you're not an expert, and might want a second pair of eyes on things. This is where a brand audit might be the right fit for you!

What else do we do?

Brand Strategies

Your brand strategy is the foundation of your business and marketing. A well executed brand strategy will not only help you define and understand your target market, but connect with them.


Your website is the central hub of your marketing strategy. Websites are key to convert your audience into customers. A well designed website is about more than the visuals, it's about the experience

Digital & Traditional ads

If you're struggling with organic marketing, you might want to try the power of targeted digital and traditional ads. These can get your message in front of your audience and connect with them with a great ROI.

Marketing & Graphic Design

From full marketing strategies to single campaigns, we can get your business in front of the eyes of your future customers. We also do one off graphic design projects if you just need something made.

Working with the Bread & Butter Club went well beyond my expectations! The entire project from start to finish was done with professionalism but in such a way that made it really fun too! The systems Shanley uses are really user-friendly, and the end product was something I can continue to use on a daily basis with my business, in a format that works for me. 


Cherry Tree Lane

Working with the Bread and Butter Club was a great business decision for us. . We got a MVV that matched what we wanted to communicate, learned about brand positioning, and really got to provide our feedback on the information and designs they presented. We not only got items that reflect us visually, we got a better sense of our identity as a brand and as Co-Founders.


Allegory Chai

Book a Free discovery call

Book a free 15-30 minute consultation to discuss where you're at with your business, and how the Bread & Butter Club could be a good fit to help you reach your business goals!

Still working on your business plan?

If you've been working on a business plan and aren't sure if you're doing it right, try my business plan template. It's a fully customizable Canva Template that comes with videos to walk you through writing it.

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